About Us

Mandy's Code is the e-shop for selling the fashion & beauty products which is made in Taiwan. 

We have long-term stable cooperation in Taiwan factories and wholesalers, all from the fabric from the clothing, every needlework by the Taiwan factory production.

All skin care products and cosmetics are directly related to the official brand, from Taiwan factory production, to ensure that the goods are in Taiwan.

We order from Taiwan factory every Tuesday. All goods will be shipped to Hong Kong in 1 day. In case of shortage, we will inform you that it takes about 7 ~ 10 working days for factory to produce.

We regularly to search the new products in Taiwan, continually to refresh, closely to the Taiwan fashion trend, work for your need.

We are purpose to let you have a happy and reliable shopping journey, Is your ideal E-shop.

If there is any comment and suggestion, we are happy to receive in our Facebook web site : www.facebook.com/mandyscode

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Whatsapp: +852 95440090

E-mail: info@mandyscode.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mandyscode