• Free makeup remover
  • Whitewash and dark circles
  • Add a variety of high-yielding vegetable oil
  • Precious roe essence and white fungus hyaluronic acid to enhance skin touch
  • No fragrance / alcohol / paraben preservative / mineral oil / pigment / animal test
  1. Through the exclusive coating of extraction technology, the temperature will be refined into a soft plant moisturizing cream, modify the dark yellow skin, blooming polish glossy.
  2. Especially the implantation of precious natural sturgeon ron the essence and multi-moisturizing ingredients, giving the skin after the repair of soft-skin beauty, but also to achieve long-term moisturizing.
  3. Used in the makeup before the maintenance, can be decorated with pores, makeup feel increased gloss, bright dull depression parts, so that the skin is more Pengrun, facial features more refined, near and reduce the amount of foundation.

Applicable to the skin: All skin applicable

Uses: brighten the skin color, improve the eye dull

Usage: After daily facial cleansing, take appropriate amount of soft soft cream cream evenly applied to the face, no remover.

Shelf life: 3 years (after opening, please use as soon as possible)

Capacity: 30ml

Origin: Taiwan


1) Store in a cool dry place and avoid sun exposure and moisture to ensure product quality.

2) If the skin itself is sensitive type of skin, or itself is allergic to the body, please test and then use. Such as the use of skin after discomfort or sensitive, inflammation occurs, please temporarily disable and consult a dermatologist.

3) Please avoid touching your eyes when using it. If you touch your eyes, please rinse your body with plenty of water.

4) Do not apply the product to the wound, swelling, ulceration and abnormal skin parts.

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Soft Focus Tone-up Brightening Cream

  • Brand: Angie Palace
  • Product Code: AP003
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