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          About us
          About us
               About us

          The Stellar century corporate culture fifteen Outline

          Enterprise goals: to build 10 years within the Chinese government to support Asia's top domestic brand.
          Enterprise Concept: SMI only venture in setting
          Enterprise spirit: Thanksgiving feedback, the pursuit of excellence
          Enterprise style: brainstorming effort
          Management model: on the matter, Albert, Nissin High
          Employment system: co-exist, the dynamic conversion
          Market concept: only the off-season thinking, there is no off-season market, not to sell the market to sell the credibility of a breakthrough self-innovation market.
          Quality of ideas: the output is excellent talents and innovation out of
          Service concept: The customer is always right
          Business philosophy: light illuminate the world in Asia
          Marketing strategy: difficult before they are easy to miracles
          Direction of development: to build the human resources sector's flagship enterprises to create the world famous brand of Chinese media

          Four criteria:

          (1) customers. As a business, we listen to and understand customers' needs and meet customer needs, and then exceed customer expectations, our mission is to become the most innovative companies, and become a highly respected supplier in the markets they serve. Which our business has been to maintain the high quality of our products, and constantly refining the new, to create greater value for customers.

          (2) employees: an enterprise, regardless of which country, are ultimately need people to realize their value, no staff there is no business, a lot of time, enterprise customers as God. Our company, employees and customers for the company is equally important.

          (3) investors. Companies must give investors a reasonable remuneration. Of course, investors in addition to the profitability of our business, but also look at the risks faced and commitment in the development of more prospects for development, then, how to get investors to favor our enterprise, which we not only have the courage to , and this courage is sustained, this is the so-called vision.

          (4) Social responsibility: to maximize shareholder wealth or the pursuit of maximum profits have never been the main driving force or primary goal, in addition to money, we are still the enterprises where countries and regions, actively take up the responsibility of the citizen, The tax is on the one hand, an equally important environmental. Here, environmental protection and all the staff physical health are closely related. In this regard can be described as burning money in the office area, reception hall, installation, and plasma air filter, a large number of radiation bonsai plants, green fragrance, refuse disposable tableware, environmentally friendly paper, environmentally friendly facilities, although the high cost of doing business, but The employees know that these will be proud of, to understand whether you are a foreigner or a Chinese person, in any place, employees are treated equally.

          About Us:

          "Fine housekeeping, integrity-based". Looking to the future, Stellar century will be the spirit of "integrity first, creative future, intimate service" business purpose, adhere to "maximize the value of" business philosophy, business into a world-class domestic service groups, and strive to "harmonious Shenzhen effectiveness of Shenzhen, services, Shenzhen contribute!

          Ride for the love:

          Companies to 5 percent of their profits all devoted to philanthropy, one by one to be donated to society and the identity of the client.

          Stellar century the rapid growth of the most important tips is to unswervingly adhere to the "three principles",

          1: respect for the concept of customer

          2: to establish a staff beliefs

          3: strong corporate philosophy

          The resounding slogan is "Stellar century - to create the star enterprise, to create star service", we have taken two measures to ensure that quality services: First, select and train outstanding marketing staff, two is to select, train for the customer services of professional engineers. " Ideal, the ideal to perform all tasks belief. Looking for innovative people-oriented customer first service supreme

          Five core values:

          1, self-confidence, respect for the individual, respect for employees

          2, the pursuit of the highest achievements in the pursuit of the best service

          3 things upright, sincere man

          4, the company's success by the strength of the team to complete the company's services rely on the wisdom of the team to reflect

          5, I believe that continuous innovation, the pursuit of

          Tel :   0755 -8361 0188                 0755-8313 5988              0755-2388 9888      
          Fax :   0755 -8287826624 hour service hotline: 400 604 6166 Chief Customer Service: 18948335123

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